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Jim Carroll

Leading Global Futurist, Trends and Innovation Expert

Jim Carroll is one of the world’s leading futurists, trends & innovation experts. And it’s his inspirational, transformative thinking that will help you discover opportunity in an era of high-velocity change. And in his most recent keynotes and leadership sessions, he has been helping his clients meet the challenges of the economic contraction by focusing on innovation, and by aligning their strategy to fast-paced future trends.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


The Internet of Things – Disruption and Opportunity in an Era of Pervasive Connectivity
Every industry is set to be transformed as an era of hyper connectivity becomes the new norm. The result? Massive business model disruption; the rapid emergence of new competitors; industries in which customers empowered with mobile devices control a wide variety of devices that are a part of their daily lives; unique opportunities for deep analytical insight into trends and opportunities emerging in industries; a reinvention of manufacturing, logistics, retail, healthcare and other industries because of consumers that are empowered, connected, and enabled with a new form of lifestyle management that we’ve never witnessed before.

What Do World Class Innovators Do That Others Don’t Do?
How do we do it, and how do we do it faster? This includes an extensive focus on open innovation and customer oriented innovation.

Healthcare 2020: The Transformative Trends That Will REALLY Define Our Future
Focus on the key trends that will transform health through the next decade, far beyond the impact of US and other national efforts at health care reform.

Location is the New Intelligence: Customer Interaction in the Era of Pervasive Mobile
Smart, innovative super-heroes know that this is an unprecedented time to jump on the emergence of location as the new intelligence, in order to provide for new ways of product uplift in the retail space, changing the very nature of customer loyalty through new forms of interaction, and enhancing existing one-to-one conversations through a more direct, distinct and fascinating new form of location based relationships.

Moving Beyond the Meltdown: Aligning Yourself for Growth Through Innovation
Your ability to keep an innovation-oriented focus in order to deal with the new challenges that surround you, that will define how well you will get through.

Where’s the Growth? Transformative Opportunities for Transformative Times
These are truly transformative times, with an alignment of political leaders, business executives, consumers, researchers and industry groups all realizing that now is the time that we need to solve complex problems with bold thinking and “big ideas.”

What’s Happening with Our Workforce: Making Generations Work!
Jim explores some of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. With the coming “end of retirement,” most companies will come to realize they’ll need a lot of telephones with big buttons for members of the 70+ folk who are still a part of their workforce — and a lot of innovative workplace practices as well.

  • An outstanding presentation for an industry and association that falls on its traditions so often. We learned that our tradition should not be something that holds us back, but rather the launching pad for innovation for the future.

    - 94th PGA of America Annual General Meeting
  • We were extremely pleased with Jim's presentation... the content was bang-on and would hopefully prompt people to think about the rapidity of change going on in our world!. Jim's storytelling approach really helps to get his points across! He did a great job!

    - Walt Disney Company
  • Jim is one of the best speakers we've had. He had excellent information that our attendees could take home and incorporate it into their plans immediately. He also incorporated our messages into his presentation that helped localize the information for our group. Highly recommended!

    - Illinois Bureau of Tourism
  • Another home run! Powerful, articulate, thought provoking and energetic! Jim's delivery on the importance of staying abreast of rapidly changing trends truly can assist in changing the way we do business!

    - US Navy, Air Force, Marine Child Youth Program Conference
  • ... your talk hit just the right note.....I did have several people ask me if they could get a copy of your presentation as well as many who noted that the programming was fantastic and gave them a lot to think about.

    - Consumer Electronics Association 2010 CEO Summit
  • Thank you for an outstanding opening keynote ... you received a 100% approval rating which has only been achieved 2 other times in our 10 year history!

    - Opportunities 2009 Conference Organizer
  • You were spectacular! ..... Feedback on you and your presentation were phenomenally positive. Our attendees were particularly impressed with how you demonstrated ways in which they could immediately apply what they had learned.

    - American Payroll Association

Summary Profile

Jim Carroll is one of the world’s leading international futurists,  expert on trends and innovation and known for providing strategic guidance and insight to some of the most prestigious organizations in the world for over twenty years. He is recognized worldwide as a “thought leader” and authority on: global trends, rapid business model change, business transformation in a period of economic uncertainty and the necessity for fast paced innovation.

His client list is unique to say the least. NASA has had Jim Carroll in (twice!) to help shape their thought process about the future, with audiences comprised of astronauts, astrophysicists, launch directors and mission controllers. The global master of story-telling, the Walt Disney Corporation made the observation after a leadership presentation that “Jim’s storytelling approach really helps to get his points across!” The GAP, one of the worlds’ leading retailers, brought Jim into their global head office for a talk on the future of retail.

He has a track record of inspiring organizations to reframe the opportunity for innovation in the context of significant, transformative change;  including the world’s largest working sports organization. The PGA  (Professional Golf Association of America) — selected Jim Carroll to open their 94th Annual General Meeting for his message on future trends and innovation. The first time in their history that they have ever featured an external speaker for their AGM. Subsequent to his keynote, the President of the PGA had this to say: “Futurist Jim Carroll helped stimulate the thought process with his keynote address about the incredible rate of change that we as a society find ourselves in, and I was delighted with the lively discussion in the hallways and the passionate positions taken at the microphones ….”

If Jim Carroll can challenge Disney, The GAP, NASA and the PGA to think passionately about linking future trends to innovation – he can do the same for you!

Jim’s insight is sought internationally. He was one of two speakers to address fifty senior CEO, CFO and CIO level executives in St. Andrews, Scotland, at an invitation-only corporate event – the other speaker being Jimmy Wales, the Founder of Wikipedia. He was the opening keynote speaker at the World Pharma Innovation Congress in London, England, with a message focusing on the future of science and healthcare. He has previously keynoted other events such as the Linde Healthcare Summit in Munich, Germany, the Swiss Innovation Forum in Zurich, the Toshiba Mobility Exchange in Sydney, Australia, the annual Business Outlook Forum in the Cayman Islands for hundreds of senior financial executives and the SAP Business Forum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jim’s client and event list is a veritable who’s who of global leaders — including The  GAP • Lockheed Martin • Fairmont/Raffles Hotels International • Accenture Worldwide Energy & Utilities Conference • HJ Heinz • RGA Reinsurance • National Australian Bank • Dupont • Discover Financial Services • Pfizer • PPG • Johnson & Johnson • Blue Cross Blue Shield • General Dynamics / Northrop Grumman • Bombardier • Signature Travel • Microsoft • US National Recreation and Parks Association • Burger King • US Department of Defense – Commissary Agency • Rockwell Collins; Oracle • International Association of Conference Centres • Pearson Learning • US Air Force Research Laboratory • McKesson • Siemens • US Navy, Marine, Air Force Child Youth Programs Annual Conference • Nestle;  KPMG • World Congress on Healthcare Innovation & Technology • Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut) • Towers Perrin • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) • Property & Casualty Insurance Association of America • World Congress on Quality • SAP • American Community Bankers Association • Providence Health Plans •  Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Ltd • Verizon • Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association • American Express • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing….all of these organizations have engaged Jim Carroll for a keynote or leadership meeting which focused on future trends, innovation and growth! There are hundreds more.

The world’s largest organizations turn to Jim Carroll when seeking insight into the future. Shouldn’t you?

Jim has researched key innovation success factors for dozens of industries, associations, professions, companies and individuals. Hundreds of thousands have shared his insight with highly energized presentations in Zurich, Munich, Palm Springs, Sydney, Cayman Islands, Los Angeles, Miami, Costa Rica, London, Nassau, Munich, New York, Vancouver, Stockholm, Budapest; everything from small Board-level sessions with 12 people; to high level CEO leadership meetings to 5,000 person conference keynotes.

Jim is globally recognized for his unique wisdom and insight into trends. BusinessWeek commented on Jim: “a leading source for innovation insight;” he has been a CNBC guest expert on innovation; his insights have also been covered by ABC News, INC, Fast Company, the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), American Way, The Age (Sydney, Australia), CAPITAL Magazine (Dubai/United Arab Emirates) CEO Magazine Hungary, Association LEADERSHIP, the National Post and PROFIT.

Jim is also an author, with books including The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Fast,; Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast;  and What I Learned From Frogs in Texas: Saving Your Skin with Forward Thinking Innovation.

Jim brings deep, strategic insight to his presentations. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto – Rotman Business School Directors Education Program, as his career path increasingly comes to include strategic guidance at the Corporate Board level.

What he does!

  • he provides unique, detailed, customized insight into workplace, business, economic, current events, social and cultural trends, as well as into demographic, lifestyle and technology issues, based on highly original research.
  • he sets the stage for organizations to become more competitive, innovative and adaptable, and that are open to the opportunities of the future
  • he does so in a very dynamic and motivational style, with presentations that involve his signature humor, high-level energy, deep insight and challenging observations

How can he help you?

  • he wakes people up to the trends that will affect them, and challenges them to cope with a world that continues to witness constant, dramatic change.
  • “thought provoking, full of energy, up to the minute and timely” are just a few of the ways to describe Jim’s presentations. Jim has the ability to energize people so they can discover opportunities for personal and corporate growth.
  • each presentation is unique and customized. Clients value the time Jim takes to “know” their industry or profession, their issues and concerns.